The most modern scientifically tested methodology is used to impart education in a fearless and happy atmosphere. In junior classes the recognized Montessori system is used. Full and effective use of education is made through modern aids including computers with multimedia ,internee facilities. Audiovisual aids complement the teaching efforts. All efforts are made to foster creativity and innovation. Any condition/situation for the development of fear complex is avoided. Corporal punishment is banned. Academic and educational achievement through teachers who make lessons very interesting by following various methods of teaching viz. demonstration, experimentation, project work, house assignments. play-way, micro teaching. structure method. etc. Nurturing intellectual. Inculcating sense of values and purity in the conscience. Developing scientific and rational thinking. Developing self-confidence with sense of responsibility devotion, patriotism and discipline. Developing awareness of environment preservation, Developing leadership qualities in every walk of life. Imperial City School aims at entering the mainstream of education, going beyond the 'formal' aspect into the 'total personality development' of the student, trying to preserve our culture heritage and molding the future,. ICS provides a strong foundation for the blending of ethnic values and contemporary ideas. ICS recognizes the need for the development of total personality, including academic excellence, will-power and strong character. These are neither wholly inborn quality nor are these achieved by mere chance. They are required to be developed by far reaching yet pragmatic policies and by dedicated and persistent efforts of a team of teachers, parents and the student themselves. Intellectual abilities, scientific and rational thinking, team spirit and sound health together with sense of values and purity of thought to ensure the development of physical fit, mental and moral values.