He had a dream of establishing an educational Institution with a blend of Ethics, Moral Values and Modern ideas equipped with latest Technology. From his early age he had shown what could be achieved with Intelligence dedication, self-discipline, hard work coupled with honesty. His single-minded devotion to his work has brought many success in Businesses. He has high aspirations and a social bend of mind to strive towards the betterment of Society. 

Few Words from him: "I have always been passionate about the joys of watching my children blossom into adults.I cherish having shared their moments of joy, hardship and success. I have been there as they played, studied, laughed and learnt. They are the Joy of my life, the root of my happiness and the source of my comfort. Motivated by the love of our own children and all others known to me, I was inspired to establish a School that offers an ideal nurturing environment and a healthy educational and learning atmosphere for children. My aim is to provide the children with best teaching fraternity and latest technology to nourish them to achieve their aims in life."


Shree Ram Gopal Jaiswal