Education is the prime concern for all the parents. Schools and teachers, it is the very basis of their existence. Yet the true meaning of education, i.e. To impart moral intellectual training", is often lost amidst the maze of mushrooming schools and institutions. The overall growth of the child is neglected, hidden behind the myth of the burden of academics and the fear of examination. Creativity and innovation falls victim at the hands of the burden of academics and the fear of examination. The Government, on its part, is doing its best. However, a great nation like ours cannot depend solely on government's effort. Private participation is now encouraged. Educationists and institutions owe it to the nation to contribute towards nation building. ICS aims at entering the mainstream of education, going beyond the 'formal' aspects into the 'total' personality development of the student, trying to preserve our cultural heritage and moulding the future. ICS provides a strong foundation for the blending of ethnic values and contemporary ideas. We believe in the age-old axiom "Healthy mind dwells in the healthy body”. To ensure this various indoor and outdoor activities will be incorporated in the daily curriculum.