Imperial City School aims at entering the mainstream of education, going beyond the 'formal' aspect into the 'total personality development' of the student, trying to preserve our culture heritage and moulding the future. ICS provides a strong foundation for the blending of ethnic values and contemporary ideas. ICS recognizes the need for the development of total personality, including academic excellence, will-power and strong character. These are neither wholly inborn qualities nor are these achieved by mere chance. They are required to be developed by far reaching yet pragmatic policies and by dedicated and persistent efforts of a team of teachers, parents and the student themselves.

Tiny Tots (Play Group) Concept & Vision

Habits and learning begin at home. Yet scientific and organized inputs along with proven techniques are imparted by specifically trained teachers significantly augment the learning process of children. This pre-school stage helps in grooming the ideal, happy child. Dr. Maria Montessori perfected a system now recognized and accepted all over the world . Faithful implementation of system however, is rare. At ICS, on the other hand. no short- cuts are adopted. The desired progress of the child is our sole aim. The child would remain in the loving care of our well-trained teachers in an environment equipped with the ideal system for learning and playing like, modern equipments, toys, library etc. Providing an ideal mix of modern and the Indian values. culture and ethics is a priority in making ICS an automatic choice for preschool development of the very young. 

Aims and Objectives: Academic and educational achievement through teachers who make lessons very interesting by following various methods of teaching viz. demonstration, experimentation. project work. house assignments, play-way. micro teaching. structure method, coupled with smart Classes.

 Pre-Primary (PG - UKG)

  1. Development of Motor Skills
  2.  Phonetics
  3. Recognition of Alphabets
  4. Early Writing
  5. Language Development
  6. Knowledge and Concepts
  7. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  8. Cognitive and Creative Development

Primary - (Class I - V)

  1.  Instilling a desire to learn.
  2. Fun rooms not Classrooms.
  3. Learning while playing and doing.
  4. Continuous Evaluation 
  5. Activities like yoga, dance,indoor sports, abacus etc.
  6.  Inculcating sense of values and purity in the conscience.
  7. Developing scientific and rational thinking.
  8. Developing self-confidence with sense of responsibility devotion. patriotism and discipline
  9. Developing awareness of environment preservation.